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Want to put your business on the Internet? We can do it for you!

Company Information

Don Woodward Jr. founded Woodware LLC as Woodware (a sole proprietorship) in 1984 while he was in college. In those early years, Woodware provided computer technology consulting and implementations to its customers. 

Fourteen years later, in September of 1998, Mr. Woodward decided to devote a few months of full-time effort to reorganize the company around the recent popularity of Internet E-commerce. In February of 1999, Woodware became Woodware LLC and adopted the tag line “Want to put your business on the Internet? We can do it for you!” We can get your business on the Internet – whether you want e-mail, a small Web presence or full-blown E-commerce. We can also connect your business directly to the Internet – we have the industry experience necessary whether you require dialup or T-3 connectivity. From start to finish we can manage the implementation allowing you to concentrate on your core business. 

Today, Donald Woodward III (Don Jr.'s son) is a part of Woodware LLC. Donald is co-owner and helps make the important business decisions.

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